Technology Trends Failure

The world is moving towards digitalization, making internet and technology control minds. Whether we talk about movies, gadgets or any medium close to people of today; we see promotion of mass level information availability on simple clicks. The average person has access to thousands of sources of information that took more than 40 years to reach a person in past. This means that information bank of today is hundreds of time powerful as compare to past eras.

Technology Controlling Us
The machines have taken place of the functionality of human brain. Today even a small child can solve complex mathematics problem through calculator, yet the basic addition/ subtraction without it is hard for them. The messaging system has taken place of face to face conversation, losing the human touch. The technology is getting stronger yet the human brain is getting weaker. And the alarming thing is that the society is moving towards frustration and depression.

There is no harm in using technology, yet one should know the limit to which it should be used. It is best to know the negative and positive sides of different technologies, so it can be used for benefit instead of technology controlling us. We in Pakistan should learn and innovate technologies like we have done in past but keep the side effects it has caused in general and specifically the impact on west in mind.

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