IT Industry Of Pakistan

Information Technology is the emergent industry of Pakistan that is growing at exponential rate. There have been scandals, frauds and other negative side to the market here. Though in global perspective the positive side weights more than the negative one.

We have a number of tech gurus supporting the industry quiet well. They have formed alliance with a number of local and international companies to bring in latest trends and technical expertise to masses. The government needs to go a long way to increase investment in this domain. The availability of cheap technical labor and huge freelance base has made Pakistan an ideal place for international IT world.
The Pakistani having roots in Silicon Valley has started playing their part to better understand the international client behavior. There are a number of Pakistanis who have proved their metal in this capacity, being self sufficient to invest and impart their technical expertise. The internet has further strengthened the knowledge base of average technical person.

It is because of this Pakistan IT industry has started making its unique identity and is expected to give tough competition to our technically well-versed neighbor India in near future. There is still a long way to go, but we are positive that the future belongs to Pakistan.

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2 years 5 months ago

It is good to know that Pakistan is getting AHEAD of the Indian in IT industry. As author points it is clear that Pakistans strong roots in the silicon valley have made it ideal place for international IT world. This good news means that pakistan is NOW ahead of India in IT field. Congratulations to pakistan IT engineers. We are best!!!