UEFA Euro 2016 Full Match Schedule Confirmed

Below are the full groups and match schedule for UEFA Euro 2016.

UEFA Euro 2016 Groups Confirmed
UEFA European contest 2016 in France will go on from 10th June 2016 to 10th July 2016. The draw for the group stages has been made and we have the final match schedule for the entire contest confirmed 6 months ahead of the big event.

UEFA Euro 2016 – Full Confirmed Schedule
10 June France vs Romania (Group A)21:00Saint-Denis
11 June Albania vs Switzerland (Group A)15:00Lens
11 June Wales vs Slovakia (Group B)18:00Bordeaux
11 June England vs Russia (Group B)21:00Marseille
12 June Turkey vs Croatia (Group D)15:00Paris
12 June Poland vs Norther Ireland (Group C)18:00Nice
12 June Germany vs Ukraine (Group C)21:00Lille
13 June Spain vs Czech Republic (Group D)15:00Toulouse
13 June Italy vs Belgium (Group E)18:00Saint-Denis
13 June Sweden vs Republic of Ireland (Group E)21:00Lyon
14 June Austria vs Hungary (Group F)18:00Bordeaux
14 June Portugal vs Iceland (Group F)21:00Saint-Étienne
15 June England vs Slovakia (Group B)15:00Lille
15 June Romania vs Switzerland(Group A)18:00Paris
15 June France vs Albania (Group A)21:00Marseille
16 June Wales vs Russia (Group B)15:00 Lens
16 June Ukraine vs Norther Ireland (Group C)18:00Lyon
16 June Germany vs Poland (Group C)21:00Saint-Denis
17 June Italy vs Sweden (Group E)15:00Toulouse
17 June Czech Republic vs Croatia (Group D)18:00Saint-Étienne
17 June Turkey vs Spain (Group D)21:00Nice
18 June Belgium vs Republic of Ireland (Group E)15:00Bordeaux
18 June Iceland vs Hungary (Group F)18:00Marseille
18 June Portugal vs Austria (Group F)21:00Paris
19 June France vs Switzerland (Group A)21:00Lille
19 June Romania vs Albania (Group A)21:00Lyon
20 June Russia vs Wales (Group B)21:00Toulouse
20 June England vs Slovakia (Group B)21:00Saint-Étienne
21 June Ukraine vs Poland (Group C)18:00Marseille
21 June Germany vs Norther Ireland (Group C)18:00Paris
21 June Czech Republic vs Turkey (Group D)21:00Lens
21 June Spain vs Croatia (Group D)21:00Bordeaux
22 June Italy vs Republic of Ireland (Group F)18:00Saint-Denis
22 June Belgium vs Sweden (Group F)18:00Lyon
22 June Iceland vs Austria (Group E)21:00Lille
22 June Portugal vs Hungary (Group E)21:00Nice
25 June Runner-up A v Runner-up C (1st Match R of 16)
25 June Winner  D vs 3rd Place B/E/F (2nd Match R of 16)
25 June Winner B vs 3rd Place A/C/D (3rd Match R of 16)
26 June Winner F vs Runner-up E (4th Match R of 16)
26 June Winner C vs 3rd Place A/B/F (5th Match R of 16)
26 June Winner E vs Runner-up D (6th Match R of 16)
27 June Winner A vs 3rd Place C/D/E (7th Match R of 16)
27 June Runner-up B vs Runner-up F (8th Match R of 16)
30 June 1st Quarter Final (Winner of Match 1 vs Match 2)
01 July 2nd Quarter Final (Winner of Match 1 vs Match 2)
02 July 3rd Quarter Final (Winner of Match 1 vs Match 2)
03 July 4th Quarter Final (Winner of Match 1 vs Match 2)
06 July1st Semifinal 
07 July2nd Semifinal 
10 JulyThe Euro 2016 Final 

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