ICC World Twenty20 Schedule Announced

On Friday ICC announced the groups and schedule of the ICC World Twenty20 India 2016, which will be dramatic cross-ways 8 venues in India from 8 March to 3 April 2016.

A total of 58 tournament matches will be played, including 35 men’s matches and 23 women’s matches, will be played in the 27-day event in Bengaluru, Chennai, Dharamsala, Kolkata, Mohali, Mumbai, Nagpur and New Delhi. Semi-finals will be held in New Delhi and Mumbai on 30 and 31 March 2016, respectively, while for the final venue will be Eden Gardens in Kolkata and the day will be 3rd April.

First round (group winners to progress to second round)

Group A Group B
Bangladesh Zimbabwe
Netherlands Scotland
Ireland Hong Kong
Oman Afghanistan

Second round groups

Group A Group B
Sri Lanka India
South Africa Pakistan
West Indies Australia
England New Zealand
winner group B (Q1B) winner group A (Q1A)

ICC World Twenty20 Schedule | Time Table | Fixtures

No. Date Match Venue Time RESULT
1 8th March ,Tuesday Zimbabwe v Hong Kong Nagpur PM Zimbabwe Won By 14 Runs
2 8th March ,Tuesday Scotland v Afghanistan Nagpur EVE Afghanistan Won By 14 Runs
3 9th March , Wednesday Bangladesh v Netherlands Dharamsala PM Bangladesh Won By 8 Runs
4 9th March , Wednesday Ireland v Oman Dharamsala EVE Oman Won by 2 Wickets
5 10th March , Thursday Scotland v Zimbabwe Nagpur PM Zimbabwe Won By 11 Runs
6 10th March , Thursday Hong Kong v Afghanistan Nagpur EVE Afghanistan Won by 6 Wickets
7 11th March , Friday Netherlands v Oman Dharamsala PM Match Abandoned
8 11th March , Friday Bangladesh v Ireland Dharamsala EVE No Result
9 12th March , Saturday Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Nagpur PM Afghanistan Won By 59 Runs
10 12th March , Saturday Scotland v Hong Kong Nagpur EVE Scotland Won by 8 Wickets
11 13th March , Sunday Netherlands v Ireland Dharamsala PM Netherlands Won By 12 Runs
12 13th March , Sunday Bangladesh v Oman Dharamsala EVE Bangladesh Won By 54 Runs
13 15th March , Tuesday New Zealand v India Nagpur EVE New Zealand Won By 47 Runs
14 16th March , Wednesday West Indies v England Mumbai PM West Indies Won by 6 Wickets
15 16th March , Wednesday Pakistan v Q1A (Bangladesh) Kolkata EVE Pakistan Won By 55 Runs
16 17th March , Thursday Sri Lanka v Q1B (Afghanistan) Kolkata EVE Sri Lanka Won by 6 Wickets
17 18th March , Friday Australia v New Zealand Dharamsala PM New Zealand Won By 8 Runs
18 18th March , Friday South Africa v England Mumbai EVE England Won by 2 Wickets
19 19th March , Saturday India v Pakistan Dharamsala EVE India Won by 6 Wickets
20 20th March , Sunday South Africa v Q1B (Afghanistan) Mumbai PM South Africa Won By 37 Runs
21 20th March , Sunday Sri Lanka v West Indies Bengaluru EVE West Indies Won by 7 Wickets
22 21st March , Monday Australia v Q1A (Bangladesh) Bengaluru EVE Australia Won by 3 Wickets
23 22nd March , Tuesday New Zealand v Pakistan Mohali EVE New Zealand Won By 22 Runs
24 23rd March , Wednesday England v Q1B (Afghanistan) New Delhi PM England Won By 15 Runs
25 23rd March , Wednesday India v Q1A (Bangladesh) Bengaluru EVE India Won By 1 Runs
26 25th March , Friday Pakistan v Australia Mohali PM Australia Won By 21 Runs
27 25th March , Friday South Africa v West Indies Nagpur EVE West Indies Won by 3 Wickets
28 26th March , Saturday Q1A v New Zealand Kolkata PM New Zealand Won By 75 Runs
29 26th March , Saturday England v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE England Won By 10 Runs
30 27th March , Sunday India v Australia Mohali EVE India Won by 6 Wickets
31 27th March , Sunday Q1B v West Indies Nagpur PM Afghanistan Won By 6 Runs
32 28th March , Monday South Africa v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE South Africa Won by 8 Wickets
33 30th March , Wednesday Men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) New Delhi EVE England Won by 7 Wickets
34 31st March , Thursday Men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) Mumbai EVE West Indies  Won by 7 Wickets
35 3rd April , Sunday Final Kolkata EVE West Indies  Won by 4 Wickets

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