ICC World T20 2016 Prize Money (Confirmed)

ICC World T20 cup will get increase in its total prize money pool taking available prize money to $10 million. The eventual winners of 2016 T20 world cup will pocket as much as $3.5 million, while the runners-up will get $1.5 million. Losing semifinalists will get $750,000 while every team will get guaranteed $300,000 as participation bonus regardless of the results. There is also bonus of $50,000 for winning group games.

ICC World T20 2016 Prize Money

Winners$3.5 million
Runnerup$1.5 million
2 Losing Semi-Finalists$750,000 each
Bonus for winning every “super 10 round” match$50,000
Guaranteed Participation Bonus for all 16 teams$300,000

In the past World T20 2014 prize money was alot less compared to 2016’s competition in India. Sri Lankan board pocketed $1.1 million as Sri Lanka cruised to their first T20 title. Runners-up India pocketed just $550,000 for reaching the final.

Players dont get the any portion of this prize money. This money goes to respective cricket boards. Players do get bonuses in their salaries from their cricket boards for achieving required targets in any major ICC competitions.

Players however do get cash prized on individual performances from ICC or the main sponsors of competitions. Cash prize are usually given to “player of the match” in every game by main sponsors of the tournament. While ICC award “player of the tournament trophy” and cash prize of $10,000 to the player who is elected as the best player in tournament.

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