Sialkot Weather

Jul 21, 2018 - Sat
Siālkot, Pakistan
32°C smoke
Wind 11 km/h, NE
Humidity 70%
Pressure 747.81 torr
DayCond.Temp.WindHumidity PressurePres.
sat jul 21
light rain
32/26°C10 km/h, NNE80%737.57 torr
sun jul 22
heavy intensity rain
26/24°C11 km/h, SE98%738.78 torr
mon jul 23
heavy intensity rain
28/25°C7 km/h, N100%739.32 torr
tue jul 24
very heavy rain
24/25°C17 km/h, ENE100%740.89 torr
wed jul 25
heavy intensity rain
30/26°C6 km/h, WSW-730.73 torr
Sialkot is popular manufacturing and supplying of sports goods across globe. It has provided a number of sports goods that exceeded global expectation. Though being able to provide quality options consistently gets questionable.
Local People are usually curious to know Sialkot weather today, as the change might happen any moment of the day. So see weather report before you travel. It is also crucial to know the condition of this city because it has prominent place Iqbal Manzil that was the residence of Allah Iqbal. All those who have love for the country should visit here to refresh the memories of ideology of Pakistan.
The mid September to mid November the climate remain hot during the day while it gets comparatively cool at night. May and June are considered the hottest time of the year in this city though in monsoon season rains add beauty to the city. The December, January and February are the winter months whereas lowest as -1 degree centigrade is recorded.
The notable people that belong to Sialkot include the poet of east Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the great cricketer Zaheer Abbas, the Indian actor Raj Kumar, the well-known poet and intellect Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Pakistani ghazal and playback singer Ghulam Ali, the great scholar and friend to MujadidAlif Sani Fazil Lahori, cricketer Shoaib Malik, Founder Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain and new gentry news and talk show anchor Hamid Mir. Hence it is the city of intellects with sportiness mixed in the air. It is because of this, it attracts tourists from different part of the country.
Sialkot climate shows different shades that add stars to the beauty of the city. So the people here are warm-hearted and humble that make them stand out. Keep a close check on weather updates of this city in case you want to visit the place or live at this spectacular area.