Multan Weather

Nov 22, 2018 - Thu
Multan, Pakistan
16°C smoke
Wind 4 km/h, SE
Humidity 77%
Pressure 761.31 torr
DayCond.Temp.WindHumidity PressurePres.
wed nov 21
sky is clear
16/16°C4 km/h, SSE91%762.8 torr
thu nov 22
scattered clouds
22/17°C7 km/h, S85%764.17 torr
fri nov 23
sky is clear
20/14°C14 km/h, N81%767.86 torr
sat nov 24
sky is clear
21/14°C7 km/h, WSW86%765.62 torr
sun nov 25
sky is clear
21/13°C8 km/h, NNE-758.7 torr
Multan is a historically rich city of Pakistan with multiple names given to it in the past. It was initially called Kashtpur, later followed by Hanspur, Bagpur and Sanahpur, till the name Multan drive to Sanskrit name of Sun Temple Mulasthana. It is called the City of Sufis. Every corner of the city is filled with depicts the memorable past, making it ideal for tourism. The Today Multan weather might mesmerize you or make you come on heel, so finding detail beforehand can reduce a lot of afterwards tension.
It is expected to be the same tomorrow, though later week is expected to be sunny with reduction in humidity and addition of windiness. As the city has many canals to provide ideal situation for agriculture and it has many rivers around so the city witness extreme summers and mild winters. The highest temperature in the history of the city is 52 degree centigrade while the lowest is -1 degree.
The weather of Multan best depicts the fact that it is location uniqueness it has. It is a located in the middle of five rivers of central Pakistan with Chenab River creating a gap between the city and Muzaffar Grah. The Sutlej River separates it from other city Bahawalpur. Hence humidity remains highest in the city most of the times.
Multan is an agricultural land with floods being common sight on land neat Chenab River. Dust storms are also common in the city. The crops produced in this city are of international standard that include sugar cane, wheat and cotton. As it is a fertile land so fruits and vegetables are also grown here with ease.
The city attracts business people as it has dry port and transportation links to different places. It is ideal spot of tourism locally and internationally. It has the famous Pradhladpuri Temple of Hindus from where the Holi festival originated. It is the birthplace of Sufi Saint and poet Baba Farid.
Hence when coming to the city do consider the weather updates.