Karachi Weather

Jun 20, 2018 - Wed
Karachi, Pakistan
33°C haze
Wind 24 km/h, W
Humidity 59%
Pressure 751.56 torr
DayCond.Temp.WindHumidity PressurePres.
wed jun 20
sky is clear
33/30°C34 km/h, WSW89%760.76 torr
thu jun 21
scattered clouds
31/29°C33 km/h, WSW89%759.92 torr
fri jun 22
scattered clouds
31/29°C26 km/h, WSW89%759.99 torr
sat jun 23
light rain
30/29°C26 km/h, WSW93%759.77 torr
sun jun 24
light rain
31/28°C24 km/h, SW-751.5 torr

Karachi, the city of lights, is the metropolitan city with a night life that makes it active even after
midnight. It has seaport connecting the world to the country through water. It is the financial center
supporting the economy of Pakistan like no one else. It has high population density where diverse
background of live together. It is the center for economic activities having banks, publishing, advertising, software development, research centers aside from automotive, textile shipping and much more. Hence even if you are not connected to the city directly, you are related to it in indirect manner.

It is give many names including City of Quaid (Birth and burial place of Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali
Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan) and Uroos Ul Bilaad (The Bride of the Cities). Hence it is mini Pakistan and knowing about its weather is crucial for residents, businessperson and tourists.

Here on this page we have weather poll on the side to test your knowledge, that you can enjoy alone or
with friends. Aside from this we have a big highlighted section telling about the weather of today. The
date is mentioned in the first line; the city name, symbolic weather condition and temperature on second one; and wind speed, humidity percentage and pressure on the third one.

Further below, you can check weather analysis of today and 4 consecutive days to get rough idea of
Karachi temperature. They explain the day/ date, condition, temperature, wind, humidity and pressure
so you are up to date.

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