The education system of Pakistan is similar to developing countries where literate asre those that can write their name. As according to State Minister of Education the literacy rate increased by 60% in 2015, but the obvious change is yet to be seen after almost 1.5 years. The quality of education is still questionable because of lack of awareness among masses.

Pakistan is still striving to stand in the league of scholarly countries in Asia, with target being Singapore where 95.9 %, of the age 15 and above, population can read and write. Our country has rich culture, and we have civilized societies being part of our history. The ancient civilization like Moen jo Dario have been part of our past, yet due to improper structure and corruption in educational sector, we are still in developing phase.

We are committed to provide one stop Pakistan Colleges List with focus on city wise educational institutions. We will be adding much more information in future to facilitate those who are interested in finding out colleges in different cities. The major cities have a lot of people coming from different regions of Pakistan because of quality of education, a number of departments and capacity to accommodate students. We have list of colleges in three major cities mentioned below: