Tourism in Pakistan

The busy routine has made life filled with hassle and stress. In order to take break from everyday experiences visiting places with natural beauty is a good idea. We, Pakistanis, are privileged to have multiple sites within country to enjoy excellent scenery, green forest and beautiful streams.

Neelum Valley
The beautiful valley is a small paradise in Azad Kashmir. It has freshwater streams, deep forests, greener mountains and spell binding rivers. Depending upon the time of the year one goes, the site has different colors as according to season. The Holiday Inn is there for those looking for class while the yummy foods are available at Nafees Quality Food and Millat Restaurant.
Bamburet Valley
It is two hours from Chitral and is a historically rich place. It has roots back to Alexander the Great and is a greener area having mountains showcasing solitude and authority over the area. The rocks on mountains show the toughness the land has with softer tone of life shown through the plant life.
It is part of Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan, that has its own beauty with calmness and wildness mixed together to give unique experience. There are several streams in the area giving a new level of freshness. The Shangrila Resort has high turnover of tourists, though the Dewan-e-Khas Restaurant has the best reputation when it comes to food.

There is much more to Pakistan that is ready to be explored by local and international tourists.

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