Pakistan Politics

Politics is turning into a dirty business in Pakistan. Leaders are using it to gain personal edge, shielding their wrong doings in the name of religion, sects and geographical location. Our politicians have used it to convert their black money white, taking lives of many in the process since long. The rich is becoming richer and poor are spending bear minimal wage life because of injustice, intolerance and corruption.

Who Suffers?
It is the honest and innocents that suffer the most. The poor people are the highest targets for bogus voting, an issue that is the beginning to dirty politics. The dream of having a better standard of living has made our people the puppet of these people in power. The elite class is also becoming a victim to this modern day politics under the name of change. The middle class has been the sensible ones since beginning yet they are pushed towards the low income class by increasing inflation.

What Should Be Done?
We need to play our role in society by doing self-analysis, while on political level scrutinizing the party we support. The day we understand our responsibility, first step towards a positive prosperous Pakistan will be taken.

Good news is that the latest incidents make us believe that the bright day is near.

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