What Are Islamic Teaching about Family?

Islamic family – what could be safer? It is believed that the family is the cell of society. Any society seeks to leave a decent young generation, and, as is known, a person can receive a good upbringing only in a strong, loving family. Islam puts the family at the forefront. The Almighty Creator prescribed to build family relationships based on love and mutual consent. That is why many men prefer Muslim women dating. Muslim marriage is a “contract” between spouses, according to which, they must show love, trust, understanding, assistance towards each other, etc. Such a family becomes a source of peace and joy for a person. Only in such a family, where love, equality, and mutual respect reign, a highly moral person can be formed. Therefore, a Muslim family is the cell, the building material with the help of which a successful society is created.
Islam permits a man to remarry, but the Koran has strict conditions: you can have no more than four wives, each of whom should be treated equally, without depriving anyone of love and attention. In addition, only a man, who “stands firmly on his feet” and can provide wives and children with everything necessary, can afford to marry several times. A righteous wife, who cares for her husband and children, is the main joy for a Muslim. With such a wife, a husband finds solace and peace; he trusts her completely and shares his troubles and misfortunes with her.
As it was mentioned, family relations in Islam are built on mutual love. And it is impossible to pretend. Therefore, Muslims have the right to choose their own life partner – no one can force us to unite ourselves by marriage with people who are unpleasant to us. But at the same time, it is important to listen to the advice of parents who have a great life experience. For Muslims, the main qualities of the future spouse are a person’s disposition, as well as attitude to religious duties. If the choice is made meaningfully, taking into account these qualities, a family will be happy and strong.
Children are the main support in any family. Parents give them all their love and have high hopes for them. It depends on upbringing whether they will become reliable helpers and support in old age. Attitude towards children in Islam is very responsible. Muslim children should be raised in an atmosphere of morality and piety. The duty of spouses is to create such an environment for them, to teach the basics of religion, to instill the love for the Almighty Creator and to save from sin in every possible way. Children, in turn, must honor their parents.
The religion of love and peace gives the special place to mothers. A mother gives life, the first knowledge, and the first lessons of morality. Therefore, Islam encourages believers to show kindness, mercy, and reverence towards their mothers. A mother occupies a high status and has more rights than it seems at first glance. All canons are aimed at ensuring that sons can protect and financially provide for their mothers in the future.
In other words, a family for Muslims is not only a sacred duty but also a way to achieve the contentment of the Almighty. It helps a person refrain from the forbidden, find the meaning of life and support, and strengthen a relationship with parents. After all, only those who have children can understand what feelings fathers and mothers have for them. As you can see, the basis of family relations in Islam is faith in One God, humility in everything, mutual love, respect for parents, and upbringing of good children.

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