Basic Islamic Faith

Islam is a religion of peace and justice, best serving humanity through morals and conducts. The basic Islamic faith on which the foundation is built is as follows.

Oneness of Allah
As followers of Islam, Muslims believe in oneness of Allah. It is the firm belief that the whole world is made by him alone and he is not only the sole creator but also maintainer of life. There are many world aside from this one, and he alone manage them all with perfection. He has always been there and will always remain.

Belief in All Messengers of Allah
Allah has sent a number of messengers to guide human beings. Being a Muslim, having firm conviction in all the messengers and their teaching is part of belief.

Belief in All Books Of Allah
There are four books known to us that are Torah, Zaboor, Injel and Quran. Muslims believe in their teachings yet they accept that all books have been altered except Quran. It is because Allah himself promised of keeping Quran safe, that this miraculous book is still in its original condition.

Belief In Existence of Angels
Muslims believes in angels and their tasks. There are different types of angels working on different tasks. There are few who have the sole responsibility to worship Allah, day and night. There are others responsible to keep record of deeds of human beings. There many of them given diverse responsibility and being Muslim it is the responsibility to not only accept their existence but respect them too.

Belief in Accountability By Allah
The belief in life after death; that will be the reward or punishment of our deeds in this world is also the basic of Islam. On the Day of Judgment we will be asked about our life in this world and accordingly will either go in heaven or hell.

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