Islamic Articles

Islam is the religion of peace and being a Muslim everyone should to understand and comply with Islamic principles, taleemat. Realizing the importance of our religion, we provide you to read various religious articles online on different topics related to Islamic history, Quran and Hadith, general Islamic articles in English and Urdu that will guide you to understand Islam in better way.

  • What Are Islamic Teaching about Family?

    Islamic family – what could be safer? It is believed that the family is the cell of society. Any society seeks to leave a decent young generation, and, as is known, a person can receive ...

  • Seerat UN Nabi

    As we all know that Seerat-un-Nabi is a very vast topic, it’s just a small effort from us to give you overview of life of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallahu Alaihe Wasallam).

    The life of last messenger of ...

  • Basic Islamic Faith

    Islam is a religion of peace and justice, best serving humanity through morals and conducts. The basic Islamic faith on which the foundation is built is as follows.

    Oneness of Allah
    As followers of Islam, Muslims ...