Eat More And Lose Weight

Obesity was the sign of western society few years ago. With advent of technology, processed food and less physical activity; today we see our Pakistani society having weight issues. This had lead to multiple diseases and less productivity.

Different food goes through diverse metabolic pathways, defining the amount of hormones and calories produced for fueling body. A high fiber, greater carbohydrate and appropriate protein intake lead to weight loss even when you eat more of the type of foods mentioned below.

Eating egg in breakfast provide healthy fat and protein to the body. And research shows that weight loss in eight weeks is greater as compare to eating bagel in breakfast. Leafy green options like spinach and swiss chards can make you feel full without much carbohydrate and calorie intake. The fiber in such food makes the digestion process smooth. Salomon is high protein, healthy fat and iodine sufficient food that reduce inflammation. It reduces obesity factor and metabolic issues to maximum.

The boiled potatoes have high potassium and helps in controlling blood pressure. When you allow the boil potatoes to cool down, they form a resistant starch that is good for health and reduces weight too. The other root vegetables like sweet potato and turnip also have a major role to address this problem.

There is much more to weight loss, yet eating healthy natural food is the key.

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